Spring 2022

The invention of the printing press circa 1440 was a significant milestone in the story of our civilization. It allowed the knowledge gained during the Age of Discovery to be spread faster and wider and promoted the subsequent flow of scientific and cultural exchange. The masses were enthralled. Scientists and artists were inspired. Letters and ideas were avidly exchanged, and societies were founded that still exist today.

Artemis Journal helps to build a stronger society by publishing our yearly journal. Our editors are in the final stages of layout for our next Artemis Journal 2022. By partnering with various arts organizations, we help to spread the word about the significant impact that the arts and written word make on our society.

For four decades, Artemis literary journal, published annually, has showcased compelling new voices with notable authors ranging from poet laureates to Pulitzer Prize and other major award winners and nominees. Over 1000 writers and artists have been featured contributors or have donated their time and expertise as board members for the all-volunteer operation. The rich history of creativity of Artemis has played an integral role in their success and perseverance of Artemis.

The theme for this year’s journal, “For the Love of a Book,” was inspired by Distinguished Poet Nikki Giovanni’s poem, “Fall in Love (For Artemis).” This theme expresses a core belief that implicitly drove the inception of our journal, and it can account for our compendium’s continuance into the present. According to Gustav Flaubert, “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” We believe in the importance of art and literature in our lives and acknowledge its potential as a coping mechanism and its utility in helping us understand the realities of the world around us. Adopting this theme recognizes a community of people who feel the same and celebrate our journal.

Nikki Giovanni
Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor, Department of English

Here is the poem by Nikki Giovanni that has inspired this year’s Artemis;

Fall in Love 

(For Artemis)

If you have to fall

In love

And you do

It should be with a book

Not a novel

Nor a mystery

Certainly nothing scary

And always remember other life forms

Aren’t aliens but other life forms

Just as we are earthlings

Not people to be feared and killed

But life-forms inhabiting the same planet 

Maybe ideally a recipe anthology

With great ideas of things to do with garlic

Or especially a mixology book to tell us how to relax

If we are careful

We all need to know how to taste beer

And how to judge wine

(the same way we do people–carefully)

And we definitely need a book that lets us


And every now and then one

That lets us cry

We need a book and a dog

And a quilt

To tuck into 

And love

And that will be faithful

And true

That’s what love is

A good book


Artemis, a charitable organization, would not be possible without the continued support of our donors.  Our journal partners with many organizations, including The Light Bringer Project, Festival-in-the-Park, Taubman Museum of Art, and Final Track Studios, co-producer of our podcast Artemis Speaks. 

We are grateful to the Roanoke Arts Commission for their continued support of our journal.


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