Artemis Speaks Podcast connects with Artist
Steven Kenny

Queen of Origins by Steven Kenny

Making connections

Artemis Journal is pleased to introduce a new artist to our community, Artist Steven Kenny, who makes nature his centerpiece in all his paintings. This connection to nature is good for us, and Steven reminds us of that vital connection.

According to Dr. Miles Richardson in Positive Psychology, “Knowing your place in nature brings meaning and joy.”
Living in our human-made world, we become disconnected, and emerging research is showing that a feeling of connection with nature is good for us.

There are many ways to expose yourself to nature, a simple walk in nature, the Japanese shinrin-yoku, forest bathing, or if you can’t get outside, you can immerse yourself in Steven Kenny’s art.

Steven was born in Peekskill, New York in 1962 and now resides in Check, VA. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design, receiving a BFA in 1984. After studying independently in Rome he gained notoriety as a freelance commercial illustrator, later devoting his full attention to fine art. His award-winning paintings are exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States and Europe.

“I believe future generations will look back on the period you and I now live in and will consider [Steven Kenny] one of the leading artists emblematic of contemporary painting in the first quarter and more of the 21st Century.”

– Paul Chimera,┬áDali historian with The Salvador Dali Society and author of the book, Dali & His Doctor: The Surreal Friendship Between Salvador Dali and Dr. Edmund Klein


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