Virginia Poetry Society Reading

September 28, 7-8 pm Zoom

Featuring April Asbury, Professor at Radford University

Pedro Larrea, Professor at the University of Lynchburg

April J. Asbury teaches writing and
literature at Radford University. She holds
an M.F.A. from Spalding University and
an M.A. from Hollins. Her work appears
in Artemis, Still: The Journal, Floyd
County Moonshine, The Anthology of
Appalachian Writers, and other
publications. Woman with Crows is her
first published collection.

Pedro Larrea is the author of three books of poems: La
orilla libre / The Free Shore; La tribu y la llama; and
Manuscrito del hechicero / The Wizard’s Manuscript. He
has read as a guest poet in places such as the Library of
Congress in DC, the New York Public Library, Emory
University, the International Poetry Festival of Granadax
(Spain), the International Poetry of Los Confines
(Honduras), the International Poetry Festival of Turrialba
(Costa Rica), and elsewhere. As a translator, he published
the Spanish edition of Kevin Young’s Book of Hours; Percy
Bysshe Shelley’s A Defence of Poetry, along with Thomas
Love Peacock’s The Four Ages of Poetry; and Rita Dove’s
Sonata Mulattica. Currently, he teaches at the University of
Lynchburg, in Virginia.

Open Mic following the reading, 6 spots for other poets each reading 4 minutes

contact Angela at

Please register here in advance for Zoom Link.

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Artemis 2021 cover artist

Artemis 21 will be released in June. This year’s journal publishes fledgling writers and artists alongside prominent writers such as Nikki Giovanni, Virginia Poet Laureates, Luisa Igloria, Ron smith, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, U.S. Poet Laureates, Rita Dove, Natasha Trethewey, as well as prominent artists such as Donna Polseno, Betty Branch, Bill White, and Linda Atkinson.

Acclaimed ceramic sculptress, Donna Polseno will grace our cover

*Donna Polseno

Donna Polseno is a sculptor and potter living in the mountains of southwest Virginia. Donna will be featured on our next 2021 Artemis cover to be released in June.

Artemis Journal 2021

She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and has been honored with 2 NEA Artist Fellowships and a Virginia Museum Artists Grant. Donna has shown her work in major exhibitions in museums and galleries, nationally and internationally. Her work has been published in many books and magazines.

Donna has taught seminars at many schools including Penland School, Haystack Mountain School, Anderson Ranch, Jingdezhen University in China, La Meridiana School of Ceramics in Italy. She lives and works part-time in a small village in Italy. She was a ceramics instructor at Hollins University for 15 years, where she created and still directs the “Women Working With Clay” Symposium.

Jeri Rogers interviews Donna on the latest Artemis Podcast Speaks

go to our Podcast link on this website

*Photo by Jeri Rogers

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April is National Poetry Month

 April showers bring May Flowers

Artemis Celebrates on Instagram

Attention all poets

Send us your videos reading poems
to be posted on Instagram

Helpful hints;

— Please keep your reading to only 2-3 minutes each   — No welcome or intro is needed before your piece, but please leave at least 3 seconds of blank space at the beginning and end of your recording and start your recording by saying the name of the piece you’re reading and your name.   — Camera Shot/Framing: This should just be a nice casual shot at home. Please avoid blank wall backgrounds – show us something dynamic! If you’re doing IGTV clips, the shot should be in portrait mode (vertical) and fairly straight on with no extreme angles.   — “Does this need to be memorized? Should I deliver it straight to the camera?” The answer is, truly, whatever you’re more comfortable with! Facing towards the camera is preferred, but there’s no need to memorize it – you can just read it in whatever way you think looks and feels best. That said, if you want to memorize it, go for it!   — When you’ve finished, please send your video as a Dropbox or Google Drive link to;  

OTHER HELPFUL VIDEO HINTS Some of you have lots of experience doing this, but others may appreciate a little direction, so take what’s useful… — Before filming, do a test shot to listen to your audio, check the framing of your shot, and lighting for your video. — Audio: Please turn off loud fans or A/C to minimize white noise. AirPods and Bluetooth Headphones cannot be used to record audio with Apple’s native camera app. That’s okay! Just make sure you’re in a quiet space when recording your video. — Lighting: Full direct sun is not your friend! Natural indirect or filtered light is usually best. If you want to get fancy, turn on a lamp or fancy sconce in the background! — Camera: For better quality, use your rear-facing camera (on the back) to record yourself. It’s best if you or someone else can check the framing when using the rear camera. You can do a test shot to see what the lighting, framing, and audio look/sound like. Please use 1x zoom (as opposed to the wide .5x or telephoto 2x). — Best Camera Settings: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video and select 1080p at 30 fps. This is the default on most phones.

April’s Instagram Event!

Justin Scribner

Stay tuned for writer, Justin Scribner, who will kick-off our weekly posts featuring videos, and audios from poets reading poems.

Justin made his breakout debut after the quarantine last year by publishing his first book of poetry, every grain of sand.  “A few weeks into the Covid crisis, I had a major realization. Without any upcoming jobs whatsoever, I might finally have time to publish the poems and stories that had been hiding in my proverbial (and literal) closet.”

Co-hosted by Associate Editors, Crystal Founds and Donnie Secreast

Jeri Rogers, Editor

Happy to help

Artemis Journal has inspired creativity and fellowship for people of all backgrounds in the region for over 40 years. The Journal serves thousands of people in Virginia’s Blue Ridge and across the globe with its features of up-and-coming artists and writers as well as award-winning artists. Since it originated in 1977, Artemis Journal has been an advocate for social justice and highlights all deserving artists and writers.

10% of sales are donated to a Women’s Shelter in SW Virginia

Artemis Journal is grateful for the continued support of our friends, The Roanoke Arts Commission and The Roanoke Taubman Museum of Art

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Nikki Giovanni to join Artemis Editorial Board as our Honored Board Poet

Artemis is pleased to have acclaimed poet, Nikki Giovanni to join our publication. She has been awarded an unprecedented 7 NAACP Image Awards, nominated for a Grammy; has been a finalist for the National Book Award, authored 3 New York Times and Los Angeles Times Best Sellers, which is highly unusual for a poet. She is Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech.

Artemis has had a long journey with Nikki. She has been our featured guest poet for our journals in 2014 and 2017. In 2017 we dedicated our journal to her as someone who has served as a beacon to those of us who believe in the power of art. From the 1980’s until today, she has given generously of her time and talent to nurture and support the work of artists and writers in her adopted home here in Southwest Virginia. We welcome her as our Honored Board Poet.

Now into our 2nd season, Artemis is pleased to continue the podcast series which was borne out of the pandemic last year. Twice a month, Jeri Rogers, Editor Artemis, invites you into a conversation introducing an interesting array of guests, from Poet Laureates to Ceramic Potters, all who have been published in Artemis Journal.

All Artemis Speaks podcasts are archived on this website under the heading of Podcast

Podcast Archives

  • Nikki Giovanni, Poet
  • Jeanne Larsen, Author
  • Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Virginia Poet Laureate
  • Ron Smith, Virginia Poet Laureate
  • Dorothy Gillespie, Remembering by Gary Isreal
  • Page & Zephren Turner, Artists
  • Luisa Igloria, Virginia Poet Laureate
  • Silvie Granatelli, Ceramic Potter
  • Louis Gallo, Poet
  • Frances Barnhart, Remembering
  • Ayn Cates Sullivan, Mystic Author
  • Robert Bersson & Jack Greer
  • Dr. Molly O’Dell, Physician turned poet
  • Justin Scribner & Diane Scribner, Mother & Son writers
  • Jordan Harman, Musician
  • Nikki Giovanni, Poet

Also available wherever you get your podcasts, including:

To listen and subscribe to the podcast, follow these instructions:

On your iPhone, computer or iPadOpen your podcast app. It’s a preloaded app called “Podcasts” with a purple icon.

Search for the series Artemis Speaks – by tapping on the “search” magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen, type in “Artemis Speaks” and select it from the list of results. Once subcribed you will automatically receive the latest episodes.

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Posts, Podcasts & Submissions

Update 11/10/2020

Here is an email I received this morning from poet Diane Goff. I warms my heart to know we have created such good connections between the Artist and Poet. Jeri Rogers, Editor

Hi Jeri,

I just listened to the podcast with Zephren and Page Turner and I’m so glad to hear what they had to say. I always buy a copy of Artemis for my sister and she and I spoke recently about how beautifully the art and poetry complement each other and flow throughout the journal.

It is really one of the most stunning journals out there. I felt such a kinship with the image, Deepa de Jour by Kevin Orlosky on the page with my poem, “to the full moon “.  It was perfect!I was also reminded of an article I just read about “forest bathing”.  In it, the author spoke about the fractals found in Nature and how they have also found fractals in Jackson Pollock paintings. The fractals in a Pollock painting provide the same stress-reducing effect as those in nature. 

Best, Diane Goff, poet

Update 10/7/2020

Here we are, the middle of the month, busy with submissions from around the Blue Ridge Mountains and beyond. I just finished my 5th podcast with Gary Isreal, remembering his mother Dorothy Gillespie.

BACK IN 1977 I WAS INTRODUCED TO DOROTHY GILLESPIE, an American artist and sculptor who became known for her large and colorful abstract metal sculptures. She supported our fledgling idea of starting a feminist literary and art journal by donating A beautiful pastel for our very first cover in 1977. Her work of art was later painted to become Roanoke’s first downtown mural.

As a native of Roanoke, Ms. Gillespie’s international career spanned seven decades and her works of art have graced many institutions, museums, colleges, universities and public places. We are honored again to have her grace our current cover.

Dorothy created quite a sensation back then and now fast forward to this year…we decided to go full circle and honor her on our current Artemis Journal cover, since this year she would have been 100 years old. We collaborated with the Roanoke Taubman Museum of Art, as they were featuring her with a retrospective of her life’s work. In the plans were a celebration last June to release the 2020 Artemis at the museum. The pandemic changed all that, we canceled the in-person launch and the birth of my podcasts began reaching out to our community.

I am grateful for all those who volunteer to help keep Artemis alive. A special thanks to Skip Brown of Final Track Studio, my co-producer for Artemis Speaks, the Taubman Museum of Art for their continued support by producing a virtual video this year of our launch and the Roanoke Arts Commission for their yearly grants to cover our printing costs.

What a year this has been! Here is an interesting theory, back in the 14th century when the Black Plague or Black Death that caused so much devastation in Europe, which hit Europe between 1348 and 1350, and resulted in a shift in world view and resulted in the Renaissance.

James Baldwin once said, that hope is something that we have to invent everyday. I am imagining a better world today.

Jeri Rogers, Editor

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Looking forward to 2021

Artemis Journal is growing and I am excited to announce 4 new additions to our Editorial Board. They are Nikki Giovanni as our Poet Emeritus, James Broschart, Judy Ayyildiz and Rebecca Woodie as our Associate Literary Editors. Each one has a remarkable resume and have worked with Artemis Journal at different times. Welcome aboard! Jeri Rogers, Editor


This project could not happen without the help of our tireless volunteer Board Members. May I introduce you to them;

Editorial Staff:

Jeri Rogers, Editor-in Chief & Founder
Donnie Secreast, Associate Editor
Maurice Ferguson, Literary Editor
Judy Ayyildiz, Associate Literary Editor
James Broschart, Associate Literary Editor
Rebecca Woodie, Associate Literary Editor
Nikki Giovanni, Poet Emeritus
Page Turner, Art Editor
Julia Fallon, Community Liason
Zephren Turner, Layout Editor
Crystal Founds, Social Media Editor
Jonathan Rogers, Treasurer & Legal Advisor

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