Artemis honors Virginia Poet Laureate, Ron Smith

Virgin & Child with Monkey Engraving by Albrecht Durer,  c. 1498

This year’s Artemis Journal features our guest writer, Ron Smith with several poems and today’s post highlights, Virgin & Child with Monkey, in which he used an engraving by Albrecht Durer, c 1498 to inspire his Ekphrastic Poem.  (Ekphrastic poetry is a poem inspired by a work of art).

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The House in the Mountain, by Maurice Ferguson

IMG_3700 (2)
Blue Mountain                                       Jeri Rogers

Maurice Ferguson, our distinguished Literary Editor has been with Artemis since the early days in the 1980’s, serving on our Board and editing various yearly journals. Here is one of his fine poems, “The House on the Mountain”.

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Artemis will be collaborating with Carilion Clinic’s “Poems in the Waiting Room”

Tricia Scott
“Become a Possibilitarian”                 Tricia Scott

Artemis is pleased to be working with Carilion Clinic’s program of “Poems in the Waiting Rooms”,  by providing take home brochures of poetry in their clinic waiting rooms around the region. This is a natural fit for Artemis as we believe in the healing power of art and poetry. Here is a testimony by one of our gifted artists, published in the 2015 and 2016 Artemis, Tricia Scott.


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