April is National Poetry Month

 April showers bring May Flowers

Artemis Celebrates on Instagram

Attention all poets

Send us your videos reading poems
to be posted on Instagram

Helpful hints;

— Please keep your reading to only 2-3 minutes each   — No welcome or intro is needed before your piece, but please leave at least 3 seconds of blank space at the beginning and end of your recording and start your recording by saying the name of the piece you’re reading and your name.   — Camera Shot/Framing: This should just be a nice casual shot at home. Please avoid blank wall backgrounds – show us something dynamic! If you’re doing IGTV clips, the shot should be in portrait mode (vertical) and fairly straight on with no extreme angles.   — “Does this need to be memorized? Should I deliver it straight to the camera?” The answer is, truly, whatever you’re more comfortable with! Facing towards the camera is preferred, but there’s no need to memorize it – you can just read it in whatever way you think looks and feels best. That said, if you want to memorize it, go for it!   — When you’ve finished, please send your video as a Dropbox or Google Drive link to; artemisjournal@gmail.com.  

OTHER HELPFUL VIDEO HINTS Some of you have lots of experience doing this, but others may appreciate a little direction, so take what’s useful… — Before filming, do a test shot to listen to your audio, check the framing of your shot, and lighting for your video. — Audio: Please turn off loud fans or A/C to minimize white noise. AirPods and Bluetooth Headphones cannot be used to record audio with Apple’s native camera app. That’s okay! Just make sure you’re in a quiet space when recording your video. — Lighting: Full direct sun is not your friend! Natural indirect or filtered light is usually best. If you want to get fancy, turn on a lamp or fancy sconce in the background! — Camera: For better quality, use your rear-facing camera (on the back) to record yourself. It’s best if you or someone else can check the framing when using the rear camera. You can do a test shot to see what the lighting, framing, and audio look/sound like. Please use 1x zoom (as opposed to the wide .5x or telephoto 2x). — Best Camera Settings: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video and select 1080p at 30 fps. This is the default on most phones.

April’s Instagram Event!

Justin Scribner

Stay tuned for writer, Justin Scribner, who will kick-off our weekly posts featuring videos, and audios from poets reading poems.

Justin made his breakout debut after the quarantine last year by publishing his first book of poetry, every grain of sand.  “A few weeks into the Covid crisis, I had a major realization. Without any upcoming jobs whatsoever, I might finally have time to publish the poems and stories that had been hiding in my proverbial (and literal) closet.”


Co-hosted by Associate Editors, Crystal Founds and Donnie Secreast

Jeri Rogers, Editor

Happy to help

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