Artemis Journal Launch

Taubman Museum of Art
Donnie Secreast

Come join in the fun and support the Journal and Taubman Museum with a program featuring Singer, and songwriter, Lara Taubman and her band.

Lara Taubman

Following a career as an Art curator, Lara turned her attention to music and began writing, producing, and singing. Her intention has always been to create work that is healing.

“2021 was the year I began to cover some classic gospel songs.
Singing those deep, healing sounds sparked something profound in my body and mind. I believe
part of the reason I began writing music at all was so I could climb inside of a song, to embody it.
The inspiration of classic gospel brought me that experience when I wrote these songs.
Being from the South and my roots in Appalachian music are not far from classic gospel music.
The two kinds of music have always intermingled historically.
In a way, these new songs have brought me closer to my southern background but in a deeper,
more spiritual way.”
Lara Taubman

“That ol’ feeling you get listening to good lo-fi music
via hi-fi just got a retro update via Lara, channeling the
likes of Patsy Cline and other ol’ giants of a smoky lounge
scene with that signature sound that is captivatingly
Lara and totally original.”

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We will also honor Dr. Sandee McGlaun, associate professor of English and director of the Writing Center, who died Sept. 4 after a long battle with breast cancer.  

Her husband, Steve Prisley, posted to her social media: “The earth has lost a beautiful soul today as Sandee McGlaun left her weary and wounded body after a long and determined battle with cancer. Visit her Still Life Beyond Cancer blog to read her encouragement to hold your loved ones close, always choose kindness, and savor each moment.”

Dr. Sandee McGlaun

Her poetry will appear in the Artemis Journal alongside artist Bob Rotche, who collaborated with Professor McGlann during her last days. Here is their work as it appears in the Artemis Journal.


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$25 non-members – $20 TMA members            

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