Never Give Up
“Never give up” by Tricia Scott

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10% of earnings will be donated to the Turning Point Shelter in southwest Virginia, a women’s shelter for abused women. Artemis supports fair trade policies, artists and women based businesses.

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I just want to say how absolutely exquisite I think the new issue of Artemis is, just gorgeous.  I have read straight through about half of it and have to stop periodically and just stroke it–the paper, the print, the art, and the writing–the whole itself is a work of art, greater than the sum of its parts. Lovely, lovely.  Thank you for all your hard work. Bravo to you and Jeri! Wow,wow.
Esther Johnson, Poet
I just wanted to you say thank you so much for giving my poem such a lovely home. I love the heft and proportions of your journal. Having my poem face Bill White’s painting pretty much made my year: he was my teacher at Hollins and I admire his work and artistic philosophy so much. You are really doing a lot to make the Roanoke Valley a more vibrant and inspiring place to live. I am so glad I am raising my daughter in a place where Artemis lives:-)
Annie Woodford, Poet
We so enjoyed hosting the launch. It was an incredible evening of excellent programming and the audience was over the moon. We enjoyed partnering with you on this and look forward to continue to work together!

Stephanie Fallon, Adult Education Manager, Taubman Museum of Art